Hello from Kendell!

Hey friends!
My name is Kendell and I am a Texas girl who travels the world. I’m not your typical 21 year old.
I’m an international traveler and let me tell you.. if you are not exploring the world, you are missing out! With only 4 years of being considered an adult, I can PROUDLY say that I have been to 10 states, 3 countries, 2 continents, and I am still going places!

It’s crazy to say that when I was only 20 years old, I went half way across the world to Bangkok, Thailand. How often do people get to say that!? My first ever trip was to Daytona Beach, Florida shortly after my 18th birthday where my husband proposed to me on the beach. It was destiny for us to be travelers. Ever since that trip, we were hooked!

Why are you wasting your time? You need to finish school! When are you going to have kids? You are wasting all your money…. These are just a couple statements I hear quite a bit being a young traveler. If you are one of the people who says these things just know that we travelers ignore you lol and you are wrong! I get your concern and I totally will accept your opinion however; I love my crazy, young, traveling life and would not change it for anything!

Now if you are a traveler who takes these things to heart (because I am sure a lot of fellow travelers hear these things too) Do not let it bring you down! If you love your travel life then own it! We need to show other people why we love to travel and why we do it! Never let another opinion from someone who has no idea how you feel, change your lifestyle if you are happy! Embrace it and encourage people to see this amazing place too!

When people say these things to me my first reaction is “ Well this is my life, let me live it how I want” lol and second, “You seriously think I am wasting my money? Or time?” Like REALLY???? How could someone possibly say that traveling the world is a waste money or time? It blows my mind! I am getting to see all of these beautiful places that people dream to see! Some people don’t even leave their state their entire life! Yes traveling can get a little pricey, but it is defiantly worth every penny! I think people say these things because they did not get the chance to travel and they don’t understand how us travelers feel.

To me traveling is a stress relief. The second I board that plane I can sit back in my chair, breath and just think that in a couple hours I am going to land in another wonderful place and be able to add another crazy journey to my list. For me, if I don’t have a trip planned in my future it makes me feel like I am not living, I’m just breathing. Everyone needs something in their life to live for, for some people it is their family, their job, their friends, maybe even their pet! For me it is traveling. It’s my happy place!

I get that school is important, but in my opinion I would rather travel the world now when I am young and go back to school after I see all the places I want to see. Traveling and school are both expensive and unfortunately I can’t pay for both at the same time so I decided to travel now before I get a career. Some career fields will not let you take a week off at a time and right now traveling is too important for me to stop. I have my whole life ahead of me to get a career and settle down. I fell like now in my 20’s, I need to take advantage of my youth and do something I’ve always dreamt of doing.

Seeing the world, and who knows, maybe I can make a career out of traveling one day. Wouldn’t that be a blessing! It is possible for you to be able to travel at a young age but you do have to make sacrifices! It just depends whats more important to you at your stage in life. I think traveling young is the absolute best time to do it! You can go long hours, you don’t have kids to look out for (and if you do it is totally okay, it just makes traveling a little more expensive) and for me, I don’t have to worry about a career or if I’m going to pass my classes right now. I can live free and see all the beautiful places this earth has to offer!

When I first told my parents we were taking our first international trip to Thailand they didn’t believe me. They didn’t think I would actually be traveling the world. Little did they know, about 10 trips later, I would be the first one in the family to be on the other side of the world. Some might think my parents should be disappointed that i am not going to school right now but they’re not. They are proud that I am seeing this beautiful world that God created! If anything they’re jealous that they don’t get to do what I’m doing lol

People might think I am just some young girl that isn’t going to do anything with her life. Well news flash. You’re wrong! Traveling the world is more rare than graduating from college. Not a lot of people can say they’ve been to every continent and one day when I have kids and grandkids, I will be able to tell them all my crazy stories that not a lot of people get to tell!

I think that is more special then any amount of money. In the end we all die and when you do you leave behind your legacy. People are going to talk about what you did in life and all your stories, not about how much money you had in the bank. So give people something to talk about!

If you are a traveler you know that more people need to know what they are missing out on! Spread your word so people can get encouraged to live a life full of surprises and journeys. Spread your word so people can see the world! And if you are not a traveler, PLEASE just take one trip. Somewhere you’ve always wanted to go! You will not regret it! Who knows… Maybe one day you’ll become an international traveler too! 🙂

xoxo- Kendell

Author: Keeping up with Kendell

About: Enthusiastic young traveler is from Dallas, Texas. Outside of traveling I am  a cheer coach and a photographer. I’m excited for y’all to follow my traveling journey with me!


3 thoughts on “Hello from Kendell!

  • 1.2.2017 at 16:36

    Hi Kendell! I just read your first blog posting. Congratulations on your new endeavor and your upcoming travels. I cant’ wait to read where you will go and what you will see!

  • 1.2.2017 at 21:06

    Love it!! And Inhad no idea y’all traveled that much. That’s so awesome!!!

  • 2.2.2017 at 4:49

    This is so cool…Keep it up, gal!!!


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