Tips&Tricks for Bangkok, Thailand from Kendell

If you’re ever looking for a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand I HIGHLY recommend staying at the Shanghai Mansion! It is beautiful! The staff were so friendly and very helpful and spoke very good English! They greeted us with some of their tradition tea, gave us massages and even called some of our activity reservations so they would understand better. The hotel is also located right in the center of China Town! It’s also very inexpensive! We paid $260 for 5 nights! You will love it 😊

I would also recommend you to do the Flight of Gibbon zip lining. They have a shuttle that picks you up from your hotel and takes you to the zip line. With the tickets you get lunch and also free admission to the zoo that’s right next to it. This was the coolest zoo we’ve ever been to. You get to feed every animal there ( including a rhino) it was crazy! I would do it over and over again!

Another Bangkok tip. Do NOT get a rental car unless you know 100% that you will be comfortable driving there. They are used to driving right next to each other, motorcycles cutting in front of you and people weaving all around you! It was so scary for us. We got a rental car and it sat parked the entire time, we didn’t touch it. I would recommend taking tuk-tuks everywhere. You can always bargain with the driver to take you somewhere for cheap 😉

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