How to travel on a low budget. Part 1: transports

I sometimes help friends organizing their trips and I realized that it is not that easy for everyone: many of them that have no idea about how to start! So, I would like to share some tips that may be useful in helping make the travel of your dream nearer to reality, just through your computer! In this part I will give you advice how to find and book cheap tickets!

First, choose carefully the mean of transport. If you want to go far there’s not much choice but a flight, but if the distance permits it, try to have a look at the website of railway or bus companies. Sometimes, they have discounts on some days/time and you can book really cheap tickets for your trips. If you are brave and adaptable, travel by night! You will save time, especially on large journeys, and you will save the money you would need for an accommodation. Be careful: sometimes it is not the safest thing in the world, especially if you have layovers in any dangerous station, so pay attention when you plan it.

Another basic rule in planning is timing. If you already know when you can go on holiday a year before, don’t hesitate or postpone the planning, it is never too early! if you don’t, you can dare last minutes, especially if you don’t have a fixed destination: just book the cheapest and go! Probably is gonna be a great surprise.

Where to find cheap tickets?

Going back to fixed destinations, there are many websites that compare costs of flights. Where do I search for cheap tickets: 




If you want to get more tips for websites offering cheap tickets, subscribe for our “Ultimate list of tools that make your traveling cheaper” when you will close this website.

Once you have found the best fare, try to have a look on the company website, it may be lower sometimes because you don’t have to add the commission in that case. Little tip: cancel your chronology and cookies every time you start a new research, or online marketing will catch your desires and price will easily raise.


When you book, pay attention to taxes and conditions. Many companies try to make people buy insurances, fixed seat, more baggage (I’m speaking about low-cost companies of course). Think about it also when booking: if you need many suitcases, compare offers that include more kilos of baggage with fares that not include baggage price.

I got used to traveling with just a cabin baggage so I will share some tips about this in one of my next articles!

One last thing to save time and money: check-in online! Is usually free, otherwise wait for the few days before departing. Again, if you want to stay on budget, avoid every service that you have to pay (do you really need a priority embark? Do you really need that very seat? Or the company market is creating useless desires? Eheh). An important thigs that can be stupid: check carefully your information while checking-in, if make mistakes it can cost you more that you think to change later on!

So, did you already book your flight? Now it’s time to look for accommodation… Stay tuned! 

Author: Lisa Egman

About: Currently student in Tourism Economics, i spend my free time exploring my neighbourhood or travelling around Europe. And i hope to do that as a job one day!


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