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Bula! If you’ve ever been to Fiji then hearing this (which means hello ) will automatically bring back memories of the stunning islands of Fiji. Visiting here was one of the highlights of my trip.
Coming to Fiji

After the bright lights of Vegas Ellen and I were looking forward to having some quiet time chilling out on the beach. It was a hard decision choosing an island to stay on as they all looked amazing but in the end we chose Matacawalevu Island which is located in the Yasawas, Fiji. We’d heard these were the best to visit. We were staying at a place called Long Beach and when we arrived (after a four-hour ride on the popular backpacker boat ‘Awesome Adventures Fiji’) we were greeted by two Fijian men singing to us whilst playing the guitar!


The island was out of this world, powdery white sand, lush green vegetation, palm trees, hammocks and deep blue sea. It was a honeymooner’s paradise! One of the guys with the guitar, Sam, was to be our guide and he told us we were the only tourists on the island today! He showed us to our accommodation which was a small cottage, very basic but we didn’t plan to stay in there much. Our cottage was opposite a small graveyard, it was Ellen that noticed it and Sam confirmed it was where some of the people on the island were buried. Great! Sweet dreams for us tonight!

The locals that worked with Sam were all very friendly, all the ladies wore pretty sarongs and everyone wore flowers in their hair. Sam gave me and Ellen each a flower to wear in our hair and told us it was tradition to wear it on the left if married, and on the right if single.

First dinner

After we’d settled in the drums rang for dinner. This was served in a communal sand floor restaurant with the locals which was a bit awkward as no-one spoke and everyone seemed to be staring at me and Ellen! Sam kept saying ‘Hope you like eating dog’ which we chuckled along with hoping it was a joke praying we weren’t eating poodle. After dinner, we spent the evening on the beach in hammocks watching the sun go down. It was so quiet and peaceful, pure bliss!


Back in our room as we headed for bed the lights went out, I and Ellen were thrown into darkness, you literally couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. We both started to scream, both hating the dark, fumbling around trying to find something that would give us light. We slept that night with the glow from our phones and cameras! Sam later told us lights go out at 11pm as their electricity is run by a generator. He gave us a battery operated lamp the next evening for us to keep in our room!

Sunbathing, chilling and coconuts

The following days were spent sunbathing on the beach, chilling in the hammocks, watching the locals catch their fish of the day. The only time we’d move was to the sound of the drums beating to tell us our meals were ready. Every afternoon at 4pm we’d make our way to this little hut on the beach for afternoon tea, their homemade cakes were delicious. The locals were so friendly and inviting, we spent one-afternoon eating cake with the principal and teachers from the local school. The evenings were spent watching the sunset and playing cards.

One afternoon Sam gave us a coconut demonstration where he showed us how to knock them off the tree, crack them open to drink and how to shred the coconut. One morning he showed us how to make baskets out of coconut leaves, I was pretty impressed with mine! He gave us Fijian language lessons, a medicine walk to show us what plants cured what disease and even took us to the local school so we could spend some time in the classrooms with the children (they sang to us ).


Sam made our stay so special and we will always remember him. When it was time to leave we were so upset as we didn’t want to go but vowed we would be back one day.

On our way back to Nadi we passed many of the other islands, Bounty (where they filmed Celebrity Love Island), Beachcomber (known as the party island) and Castaway (we didn’t see Wilson!). The islands are gorgeous, some have little huts on sticks going out to sea which you can stay in. It truly is paradise and is definitely one of the places I want to go back to one day.

Next stop: New Zealand

Author : Kellie – The Globetrotting Addict

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Having recently quit her desk job to travel once again, Kellie is now back in the UK teaching English. She loves sunshine, yoga, beaches, prosecco & house music


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