First trip to Florida!

Hey friends! I hoped you loved my first blog talking about why it is okay to travel first and wait on school! I hope a lot of you can relate to me and maybe even get some clarification that you needed! This time around I wanted to tell y’all the story about how it all started in Florida. What got my husband and I hooked on traveling and what pushed us to follow our dream.

Our first trip, Daytona Beach, Florida. I just graduated high school and 3 days after graduation we boarded a plane for our first trip! Now keep in mind we were 18 and 19 years old, we both worked at minimum waged jobs and didn’t have much to spend. I think we scrounged up a total of about $1,200 for this trip! That’s including plane tickets and a hotel for 4 nights. I didn’t have much money growing up so I never got to go places. This was a dream come true to me!

I was finally leaving Texas and going to enjoy a vacation on the beach! We stayed in the crappiest hotel lol and I mean crappiest. It was right across the street from a porn store and a tattoo shop. But we didn’t care. We were in Florida! The first day we got there we went parasailing. I had never done anything crazy like that before so I didn’t really know what to expect.

We get on the boat and they hooked us up to this huge parachute. I’m pumped and ready to go! We go flying back and soon enough we were 800 feet in the air! Man, was I terrified!I was up there crying like a baby lol. When we got down they let us watch the video and the whole time all you can hear is me yelling for them to bring me down. It was awful. After we finally left that horrible place we ate at this restaurant right next door. They had these chips there and oh my gosh they were the best chips I have ever had in my life! Those chips made parasailing worth it! 🙂  I would really love to go parasailing again now that I’ve done bigger and crazier things.

The next day we decided to go to the pier. Instead of getting a taxi, we took the 6 mile walk down the beach all the way to the pier. On our way I could tell Nevin (my husband) was acting weird. We are not a lovey dovey couple and he was hugging on me and just being weird lol. I looked at him and was like what are you doing? He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was so cute. There was a couple people around that started clapping. I will never forget that day!

Well eventually we got to the pier. We got on this rickety old ferris wheel and walked around the shops. I got a t-shirt made with our engagement date on it that I still have to this day. Nevin got a hat made with the date but sadly our dog chewed it up 🙂 Little brat.

Our third day there we went to this waterpark. Who goes to a crappy waterpark in Florida? When floridatheres a beach right outside your hotel? We do!! lol it started pouring down rain that day so they made everyone sit in the arcade until it stopped. We went and got an under water disposable camera and took lots of fun pictures in the wave pool! It was great until we were doing the go carts and Nevin accidentally chunked in out of his cart. It went crashing into the ground at like 20 mph lol. We were still able to salvage some of the pictures thankfully.

Our forth day we didn’t really have a plan. All I knew was I was really craving those chips that were next door to the parasailing place. We went back there and I didn’t order anything but a huge basket of those chips. Afterwards we had so much time to spare that we went over to the parasailing place to see what other activities they had there!

We met this precious german shepherd named Kai that was actually from Germany! He was so sweet! After we loved on Kai for a good 30 minutes, we finally decided to rent a jetski. We took it out and road around the ocean for an hour! Then we went on some little tour cruise thing that was painfully boring. We couldn’t wait to get off of that thing.:)  We still had a little time left before we needed to head back to the hotel so we rented a little paddle boat. Lets just say we didn’t have very good team work. We didn’t get far off the dock, my hat fell in the water and got ruined, and we got a terrible sunburn. The paddle boat lasted about a whopping 15 minutes.

Our final day there we had a little extra time before we needed to go to the airport so we went and played putt putt at this really cool place! We got to feed baby alligators and make a couple hole in ones! We brought back from Florida to Texas unforgettable memories, a piece of junk camera with half the pictures ruined, a terrible sunburn, and an engagement ring. There were a couple obstacles on that trip, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Daytona was the place my husband proposed to me. It was the place that started this crazy rollercoaster we call life.

xoxo- Kendell

Author: Keeping up with Kendell

About: Enthusiastic young traveler is from Dallas, Texas. Outside of traveling I am  a cheer coach and a photographer. I’m excited for y’all to follow my traveling journey with me!


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