How to plan a trip by Kendell

How do I plan for a trip? How far in advance do I book a trip? And.. What do I do to prepare for a trip? 3 questions that a lot of people ask. I may not have the perfect answer, but this is what has worked best for me 🙂


Lets start with When do start booking a trip? I notice that some people don’t even start planning a trip and some don’t even book it until like a couple weeks before….. Let me just say omg that would stress me out!! I book my plane tickets and my Hotel at least 3 months in advance! Keep in mind you have to request off work before you buy the tickets. I like to book that far in advance for many reasons! One: what if the hotel accidentally double booked or something and they find out a month later. Well at least I have 2 more months to find a new hotel! Two: 3 months in advance gives me enough time to give all of my jobs a huge notice so they have no reason not to let me off. And Three: it gives me plenty of time to find someone to watch my fur babies and to plan all of my amenities!


How do I plan a trip? Well I start with the plane tickets. I make sure they have a plane going to the place I want at a time I want. Then once I find a plane I like, BEFORE I book the plane, I look for a hotel. I don’t book the plane just yet because I want to make sure I can find somewhere to sleep! Once I find a hotel I like I book them both at the same time! Make sure to make a travel folder in your email so you can be more organized and keep all of your travel receipts/bookings together! All thats really left is your excursions and activities! I like to start booking/ planning those 2 months in advance but honestly you can get away will planning a month in advance. The reason I book my activities so early is because surprisingly some things will book up months in advance! It’s NEVER a good idea to just hope to buy a ticket when you get there. If you can book it online, take advantage of it! I usually only make an itinerary if I’m going to multiple cities. If I’m staying in the same city the whole time I don’t really feel a need for one, but that is ultimately your decision!



To prepare for a trip I always make a ton of lists! Lists are seriously my best friend. I make a list of everything I need to pack. Set out a full outfit (panties and all) for each day you’re there and then throw in an extra couple pairs for backups! Make sure to have a list of foods you want to eat and places you want to try! Have a folder filled with all of your tickets and lists! Print out every ticket you’ve paid for in advance. If you didn’t receive a ticket, then print out the confirmation email! Do not pack the day of! Pack 2 days before that way you can check at least 3 times to make sure you have everything you need! I have a special travel toothbrush and hairbrush so I can already have those things packed! Most importantly don’t forget your passport! Put it on top of your luggage the day before!
The reason for all of my early booking and planning is not only because it’s important to be organized when traveling, but because weeks before my trip I want to be excited! It’s hard to be excited for something if its not even set in stone yet! I hope this helps you guys! Happy travels 🙂

xoxo- Kendell


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