3 steps how to start a successful blog!

Start blogging was one of the best decision I’ve made in my life. I know that be a professional full-time blogger is a dream of many people. Especially in the travel industry, there are many people who want to become a travel blogger, start going to press trips and just travel for money. Every month there are thousands or more new blogs in the scene. And we can read that 95 % of bloggers fail and quit their blog. So maybe you are asking the questions “Should I really do that? And how to start a blog actually? Is there even a chance to succeed?” What do I say? “OF COURSE!”

To be honest, I started my own “blogging career” just a few months ago. But I have been working in online marketing, writing and blogging for almost two years now so I can say I’ve already known something about that. That’s why I also start this project, Worldwide Blog. This is a platform for blogging and writing newbies. People who are passionate about writing and traveling and who work together to make their dreams to come true. This blog has been launched less than one month ago and we can already see results, we have almost 3 500 visitors until now! So I can just say: “If blogging is really your dream, your love, and your passion, don’t wait for anything and just start now!!”

This is a screenshot from our Google Analytics for you to see that you can have thousands of visitors of your blog even during your first month:

Not bad, right?

Should YOU be a BLOGGER?

Are you wondering if you are the right person who should start a blog? Just answer these questions:

  • Are you passionate writer/photographer/storyteller?
  • Do you want to share your stories/experiences/advice with people?
  • Are you able to spend time working on your blog and learning new things?

If you answer YES to these simple questions, then there are no doubts: You can succeed as a blogger!

It is not necessary to know everything about blogging or digital marketing and you also don’t have to write like Paulo Coelho. You just must have passion and will to learn new stuff all the time. Because blogging is one of the industries where are always some changes, new tips, and trends.

Ok, so you are decided to start? Then follow these 3 general steps how to start your blog and what you should do since the beginning. On this website, we will give you concrete tips and share our experience later so you will get a much more concrete guide, but for now, this is STEPS HOW TO START A BLOG:

  1. Choose your topic

Our website is focused on travel. We want to share travel stories as well as tips for destinations and travel guides. We are group of people all over the world so we can provide „worldwide“ information, that is why we decide to have more topics on one website – everyone from our group is very special and different so we can cover many themes and run this page like some kind of „travel magazine“ .. What will be your topic?

If you want to have just your own blog, then you should follow the rule „the more concrete the better“. For inspiration, look at following examples of blogs about specific topics in traveling industry:

I have good news for you in this step. You really don’t have to be a webmaster to build a good looking website. Even better is that you can create it easily, quickly and almost for free!

The only things that you have to pay for are your domain and web hosting. The domain is the name or address of your blog. For this blog, it is the worldwide-blog.com. Web hosting is the place where your domain “lives” and where you can build the website. You can usually order the domain and web hosting together.

List of the cheapest and best web hostings is here: http://b2evolution.net/web-hosting/budget-web-hosting-low-cost-lamp.php 

So, do you have the web hosting and domain? Great! Now you should continue with building the blog.

I think the easiest way how to start is to use WordPress and pick up your theme. WordPress is a creation tool that helps you to build your website without any coding. This is how it looks in our WordPress Dashboard:

For good look of your blog, you will need a THEME. It is the tool where you will create a cool appearance of your blog and theme is here for you to make it quick and easy.

You can choose between paid and free themes. From my point of view, you can start with free one, it is good working and good looking. If you want have the paid one later, you can easily buy premium of your version and continue.

List of great free WordPress themes for your blog is here: https://themegrill.com/blog/free-personal-blog-wordpress-themes/. This blog is also built on free theme – Colorlib. If you like this concrete theme, you can read more about this one here: https://colorlib.com/ 

If you choose the theme, then it is just up to you. You have to build the website. In the beginning, maybe you will feel a little bit lost, but keep working! The longer you work with WordPress the easier it is :) Great support you can find here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/using-wordpress-to-create-a-website/ 

3. Start blogging and get traffic

Now you have a nice looking website and you can start posting your articles. What is the most important now? To get traffic! You definitely want people to read your posts, right? There are many ways how to get traffic on your blog, we will focus on each way later in specific articles. For now, what you should start with?

Social media

One of the biggest resource of readers of your blog.  For us, it was the first way how we got traffic. You should definitely have your own Facebook and Twitter sites. You could consider also using Instagram and Pinterest.

Remember, just posting your articles on your sites isn‘t enough! You have to be active in your niche so that people will remember you. Like other pages or accounts that have similar blogs and comment their posts.

Find groups that are related to your topic and help people to solve some problem. For example, we have an article “How to use the subway in Seoul”. There are groups on FB that are about traveling in Seoul. One person can write there: Hey, I’m going to Seoul do you know something about public transport there? Then you can just answer: Yes, I can give you some advice how to use the subway, look at our article: add the link of the article. And that’s it! Not only the one who was searching for some advice but also all other people the group can see it so you have traffic for free!  Social sites are viral and with few shares of your article, you can get many views of your post or article. Just be real and original and don’t be too spammy. 

Guest posts

Great way how to get traffic to your website but a little bit time-consuming. Just find related blogs who accept guest posts, contact them and offer them a guest post from you. Probably will be better if you first get in touch with them, like their social pages, comment their posts… Then you can offer them to write an article for their website. If they agree, you will probably be allowed to add a link to your blog in your bio under the article. There are few travel blogs who accept guest posts:

The Alternative Ways

Bring Bling To Traveling

MM Djohjakarta



Search Engine Optimisation is one from the best but also hardest ways how to get traffic for your blog. If you have a good SEO, your blog will be indexed by Google and people will come to your website through Google search. This traffic is called Organic. You have probably heard about keywords and how important are for SEO, haven’t you? If you are a beginner, you should definitely read something more about SEO. Where you can find information? There is a short list of really good blogs about SEO that you can use:




The last one, YOAST, you should definitely remember. These guys also made a great and free plugin for WordPress websites. If you have your blog on WP, you should definitely install it and the plugin will help you A LOT to overcome all SEO obstacles.

Also if you don’t know anything about SEO and want to get traffic from search engines, you can use some professional service. If you don’t want to pay much for that, you can check for example Fiverr where you can find help from 5$.

This is definitely a lot of stuff that you should start with if you wanna start a good blog! And it is just a beginning! Stay tuned for more posts and advice. And if you are interested more in our travel magazine, look at articles in Traveling and Destinations categories and get inspiration!

Do you have any questions regarding the topic? Or do you have some advice how to start a blog? Leave us your comment below!

Author: Barb

About: Barb is hopefully still quite a young girl, originally from Czech republic. She is “mom of the idea” here in WorldWide Blog. She is passionate traveler, writer and journalist, chocolate lover and dog walker 🙂 


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