How the most successful travel bloggers make money?

The biggest question of all people who want to make money blogging – How the successful bloggers do that? Of course, we know something about ads, about sponsored posts… But how is the reality? Could you really earn that much that you could quit your job and just travel and write? We were searching for answers to this question and read about the most successful travel bloggers. What did we find out?

One of the most common ways how people think they can make money blogging. You can just run for example Google Adsense on your website. Whenever someone clicks on the ad, you will earn money. Honestly, big website and bloggers don‘t usually use this kind of advertisement. Why?

1. Your readers won’t like it

We all don’t like to see ads on our favorite websites. It’s a little bit annoying, don’t you think?

2. It’s not profitable enough

Thes kinds of ads work on PPC model. What PPC means? Pay per click. You are paid when someone clicks on the ad. But how much you will earn by this click? Unfortunately not so much. It’s usually just a few cents. You can easily count how many people would have to click on the ad to make real money. If you don’t have hundreds of thousands of visitors, it won’t be really profitable.


What does affiliate mean? It’s promotion of products via your blog. If you are a travel blogger, you will probably promote your products for traveling like flight tickets search engines, accommodation etc. You can promote it in many ways. You can just put a link to the product to your article. Or just put a banner on the website. Or promote it via your social channels. Or all these things together. Whenever someone clicks on it and buys the product, you will earn money.

Good news is that it’s not necessary to have millions of visitors to make good money. Usually, you will get few % of every purchase so it depends on how much the buyer spends. This is also the way how the most successful bloggers earn their money. You probably know Nomadic Matt, he is the legend in travel blogging. Also, Matt uses affiliate for his blog. So why shouldn’t you try it?!

Brand partnership and ambassadorship

The Very traditional way how to make money blogging. Brands use cooperation with blogs because it’s one of the most profitable kinds of advertisement for them. People trust bloggers so if you as a blogger recommend some product or service, they will more likely buy it.

Sometimes you cooperate with them just a short term, which usually includes sponsor post where you talk about the brand. Ambassadorship is a long-term partnership when you cooperate with the brand for several months, usually no longer than one year. Another very successful blog, Expert Vagabond earns money like this. Matthew, the founder of the blog, claims that he earns $10 000 – $20 000 per one long term ambassadorship.

To start cooperation with brands you need very good and quality traffic. If your numbers are good, brands can contact you. You can also try to contact brands by yourself. But don’t forget – quality traffic first, cooperation with brands later!

The example of affiliate or partnership cooperation you can see in this article: Travel Insurance Tips

Your own products

Make your own product and sell it on your website. What products are we talking about? The most usual is ebooks. Travel writers sell ebooks about their ways of traveling or how to travel on budget but also they make city or country guides. Nomadic Matt says he sells an ebook for $5 – $15 per one and it’s one of his biggest income.

make money blogging

Destination reviews

Another kind how to make money blogging is destination reviews. You are usually invited to concrete place by some hotel or tourism organization and your task is to write a review about the place on your blog. Expert Vagabond says he makes $5 000 – $10 000 per one project in the concrete destination.

make money blogging


Both of bloggers we talked about– Matt from NomadicMatt and Matthew from ExpertVagabond earn six figures a year.

Both of them just started the blog from nothing, worked hard every day and now they can see the results. Of course, these examples are very unique but don’t worry, there are also many many other bloggers who make money blogging and make very good money.

The best thing is that everyone can! Of course, it’s not easy. But if you love blogging and work hard on your project, it will pay off. And maybe in some time we will make an interview and tell other people how did we do that our blogs are so successful! :

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