Skydiving in Australia? I tried it for you!

Skydiving was one of those bucket list items that I had always insisted I would do one day, but had never made any concrete plans to put into action.

I was working on King Island, a small island half way between Melbourne, Australia and Tasmania and was flying back to Melbourne for the weekend to meet an old travel buddy who was currently on her own tour of Australia.

skydivingI turned up at the hostel and met up with my friend and the rest of her tour group.

A few of them had decided they wanted to go skydiving the next day, as their trip was almost over.

The next thing I know, I am at the travel desk, handing over my bank card to pay for my own attempt at skydiving!

I spent the whole evening panicking, wondering what I had got myself into..

The next morning, I woke up, wracked with fear and we headed to meet the bus that would drive us out to Yarra Valley, a beautiful region outside of Melbourne known its amazing landscape and numerous vineyards.

We arrived, were weighed, dressed in deep blue trousers and fleeces and given the compulsory safety demonstrations.

As there were five of us, we were sent up in two stages.

I was then introduced to my instructor, a lovely man in his 50’s who upon meeting me declared it was his first time as an instructor! Turned out he was the most experienced instructor there but I was so nervous, that it took me a while to get the joke.

It was then time to get on the plane.

I got on first and was seated at the back of the plane, and as we had to be attached to our instructors, I ended up almost sitting on the poor man’s lap!

The plane journey was the actually the calmest I had felt as I love flying.

We soon reached 16000ft and it was time to open the door.

As the last one to jump, I started to panic. However, my friend and her boyfriend were out of the door before I could even make sense of it and then suddenly I was being shuffled forward to take our place at the door.

Legs dangling outside of the plane, I don’t think I have ever felt such fear!

3,2,1 and we rolled forwards out of the plane. After screaming my lungs out for a few seconds, I started to take in the view. Beautiful countryside rolled out in all angles with the Melbourne city landscape on the horizon.

As we floated, or more realistically hurtled towards the ground, my instructor let me steer a little.

I started to run my mind over the landing instructions- keep your feet up as it was very common to break your ankles on landing.. ouch.

Bracing myself, I made sure to keep my feet as high as possible. We landed with no issues and I couldn’t believe it was over.

It was an incredible experience that I would definitely love to try again!

Author: Siân De Lara – Navigation the Globe

About: 26 year old welsh girl who loves nothing more than another passport stamp. Recently returned from a year traveling the world, I am now hibernating in Scotland saving for my next adventure!


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