What problems am I facing as a blogger newbie? And how do I solve it?

So, you have your nice travel blog. Yay! Starting a blog is a great step! You also started to write articles, share on social sites and just wait to see results.  But sometimes there is a problem that results are far away from your dreams… Do you know what am I talking about? I guess we all “newbie bloggers” know that. There are so many things we have to take care of! And then, when you prepare a cool article, put it on your nice website… And like 20 people read it. Pretty frustrating, right?

Yes, I get the same feeling. I’ definitely not the one who would tell you some magic you can use to succeed and you starting a blog as a blogging star overnight. I think there isn’t anything like this. Or if there is, I haven’t discovered it and really don’t believe to people, “coaches” who promises to make you a successful blogger with no experience, no tries, no failures, just thanks to their ebook/course/consultation. I think these things definitely could help a lot! But not overnight and not if you just keep working, trying new things, failing and coming back. On the other hand, I’ve overcome many obstacles that newbies usually experienced. Many of them I overcame successfully, with some I’m still fighting. But I definitely want to share my experience and let you see what I’ve done and what is helping me on my way to become a successful blogger and earn money blogging.

Traffic – the biggest nightmare of every newbie blogger

Yes, let’s just jump in the fire and start with this very very hard thing that you have to face if you start your blog. The success of a blog is usually judged according to a traffic. Even if you have brilliant articles and stories, your blog is not considered as a successful if you don’t have readers. Maybe it’s sad but it’s the truth. That’s why a blogger is not just a writer but has to be also experienced in marketing, SEO, and much other stuff. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t starting a blog if you’re not a marketing expert. No. It just means that you will have to study that stuff, learn a lot about this and know that good writing is just not enough. Now, what helped me to get traffic in the beginning and what could help you as well?

Social blogging

What do I mean by this? I believe that it’s always better to work in a group than just on my own, especially when you start with no budget for advertising and hiring experts. That’s why I also came with the idea of creating “WorldWide Blog”. Now we are a group of 7 people who works on this website.  I’m the one who is responsible for the website itself and all these things and 6 other girls are working on articles.

Now, imagine if every of us started with our own blog first. We would create articles and share it probably with our friends and social sites. Of course not all your friends are interested in your articles. If you have like 500 friends on your Facebook, usually like 50 of them even see your post and maybe 20 -30 click on it. And now, imagine that we started together. Our first articles we all shared and spread the word on our social sites. Logically, our articles were seen 6x more than if we just do it separately. That’s one of the things I love about our blog, the support that we all give to others. And for now, I’m speaking only about the amount of traffic, not about all the inspiration and help that we can give each other. That would be for another article. 🙂

Let’s just numbers speak. During the first week, we had 1 812 sessions and 1 654 users who came on our website to read articles. With no paid advertisement. Not bad at all, right? That’s why I’m saying “Always try to involve other people and work together. It’ll pay off.”

The proof that I’m not lying you can see here 🙂

starting a blog


Good SEO – the magic that is not easy to get

Search engine optimization. The thing that we all know we need but let’s admit, it’s so hard to get all the rules, purposes and things that you have to do with your website so that Google would show it! I’m no ashamed to say that it’s one of the hardest things for me to do. All these keywords researches, titles, meta titles etc… I felt completely overwhelmed in the beginning. I started to learn everything about this and slowly started to get what it’s about. But I’m still not good at it and I know it.

That’s why I decided to look for someone who would help me with that. Of course, with almost no budget. Then I discovered the magic of Fiverr . Microservices of experts starting on $5 was the really great option for me.

There are hundreds of experts on SEO that would help you with everything from proper Keywords research to completely on page SEO that you need for your website. The disadvantage is that you have to choose from many people who offer the service and of course, you don’t know them. Things that will help you are the reviews. I would recommend you to read reviews very carefully to know what people say about the concrete expert. People who have already use his services. It will definitely help you to decide. In the end, I chose two people who helped me a lot. Now I’m sure our website is indexed by Google, we have a right sitemap and all other stuff we need to be shown by search engines.

starting a blog



Maybe it’s too early for us to use this word, but come on, we all are so impatient for earning first money blogging! I found out a good option for beginners to start monetizing a blog without any experience in affiliate marketing. It’s called VigLink .

The thing that you just put on your website and VigLink itself found opportunities in your article where to put affiliate links. Then it just implements the links into your articles and when someone clicks on the link and buy the product, you will get money. VigLink cooperates with thousand of companies so you don’t have to search for affiliate by yourself, they will do all this for you. BUT of course, not for free. They will get 25 % of your revenue if someone come from your website and buys a product. On the other hand, right now I don’t have enough time and experience to search for affiliate cooperation so I think it’s pretty good opportunity for us! I started to use this just a few days ago so I have to wait a little bit to see some results. But when I see it, I will definitely share it with you!

starting a blog


Ok, there are things I’m amazed or I used in last months for my blog. Some of them already work well, for some we just have to wait and see. But all these things are definitely making our blogging easier and better.

Do you have another experience? Issues that you are facing? Share with us!


Author: Barbora

About: Barbora is hopefully still quite a young girl, originally from Czech republic. She is “mom of the idea” here in WorldWide Blog. She is passionate traveler, writer and journalist, chocolate lover and dog walker  🙂 


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