How to travel on a low budget. Part 2: accommodation

Is your flight, train, bus ticket ready? Yes? So now it’s time to look for an accommodation! Here my tips and tricks about it.

If the answer was not to try the carsharing! Have a look at Blablacar website.

The first step is: what type of accommodation do I need? If you are ok with backpacking, you just have to find a camping or a hostel (that you can easily find on Hostelworld) that are usually cheaper but if you prefer a bit of comfort more there’s anyway plenty of choices, and here is my list:

Couchsurfing: you sleep on other people’s couch without paying at all. The thing I don’t like about the website is that in order to know the location of the place you have to contact the owner, there are no addresses or maps, and privacy is not always guaranteed, but it’s a nice way to get to know new people and dive into a local experience.

Airbnb: that’s definitely my favorite, you pay to be hosted in some other people home as well, but you really have a lot of choices: you can find one single room, an entire flat, a villa with swimming pool, even a castle! Usually, people that are willing to host travelers are travelers, too and they will probably give you advice about the area you are visiting. This is also a way to get local and meet new people. The website works on a feedback basis so a good and kind behavior is usually guaranteed, together with the cleanliness of the room. And you should also be clean and nice if want a good feedback, too! One more thing is that every friend you invite to join Airbnb gives you 25 euros discount every time they book.

Booking and Expedia: a classic, if you are looking for hotels or hostel you can easily find the one that is perfect for you thanks to the filters you can put on price, position, classification and so on. Reviews can help you choose the best among a long list.

If you are looking for an entire home instead of a single room, Homeaway and Homestay are made for you!

A new discover that I have to try soon is Bit trip, that sells luxury rooms by auctions. If you are lucky you can save a lot and experience some luxury experience that is not so easy to achieve for fellow low budget travelers!

Finally, a mention to my favorite blog is deserved: Holidaypirates publish incredible offers every day, also in a travel package, and they translate in many European languages. Through the website, you can also search for flights, hotels, and rentals.

Finally, my best advice is always the same: book in advance if you can! Many websites offer reservation with free cancellations within a period of time (often until the day before your check-in). So, compare every solution and choose the one that is more suitable for you, and for your wallet.

Enjoy your stay!


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